One door closes, another opens

So it really does look like farewell to the Currant – we didn’t jump on the initial indications that something was awry last week, just in case – but it looks like the To Let sign is staying. To the team, thank you for your efforts over the past couple of years.

Fans of the Currant’s cakes might want to know that local baker Heron’s Nest is still operating and can be contacted via Facebook. It was Heron’s Nest which brought a tear to BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew’s eye last summer by making a Manuka honey cake – apparently one of the finest creations to have reached the Test Match Special commentary box.

At the other end of the High Street, the former Elizabeth Pryce letting agent, which is now part of Keaton’s, is being fitted out by Bell’s Blinds, a local chain. Good luck to them in their new venture. White wooden blinds and plantation shutters certainly are very Wanstead at the moment.

2 thoughts on “One door closes, another opens”

    1. Indeed. Still waiting for the promised ‘wishing you well’ to the Vape Shop that apparently Wansteadium affords to all new businesses…except this one. Not that I particularly like it but I would hope that the site would not have any personal prejudices in what it writes and which businesses it wants to succeed or fail.

      I’d also love to see a follow-up of the parking restrictions. How many articles and comments on here professing the end of the high st. It appears on the surface to be entirely unfounded as my anecdotal evidence is that the high street and its shops, cafe and restaurants are as busy as ever. But maybe there’s more to it than that from the feedback of local businesses and if they’ve been affected.

      Considering how vocal Wansteadium was on the issue, the complete lack of any follow up is strange. We’ve certainly had enough time for an impact assessment.

      So come on guys…if you can find time to write 20 articles in the run up – I’m sure there’s time to write another about the impact.

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