New names

La grande dame of Wanstead coffee shops, Nice Croissant, is taking another step in its rebranding – it is now known as La Bakerie.

And nearby, the restaurant formerly known as Roast has revealed its new incarnation: far from becoming a vape shop (as was mooted), it is going to be a mediterranean restaurant called Filika. It may be a good omen that “filika” is Turkish for lifeboat (though reader Adam Martinez says the word means “friendly” in Greek). Good luck to them on the re-opening, good work for the redecoration and, lastly, welcome to yet another non-internally lit shopsign.

Previous regenerations, via Google Streetview


8 thoughts on “New names”

  1. So rather than wish them luck you comment on the signage.

    Then people comment on ‘Not another Turkish’.

    What do people want.. Open your own business!

  2. The banner that’s been up for a while said it was going to be a Mediterranean restaurant but we all knew this meant yet another Turkish restaurant. How could the Council agree to yet another one?! I have also seen the men setting up the new restaurant going in and out of the empty building next door (the estate agents) for the past few weeks too – hope they’re not going to knock the walls down and make a huge venue. Otto’s and Gezi Park will probably not have anything to worry about but will keep them on their toes….

  3. Just seen some other comments which say the new restaurant is going to be Greek. That’s better news as we already have two Turkish restaurants (although Greek/Turkish food is very similar) good luck to them anyway. To be honest though, I was hoping that we would have a quality new Chinese restaurant/take away restaurant open up there. I’m sorely missing the Dun Huang as there is now no Chinese options The Green end of Wanstead High Street.

    …..Watching the old American Burger restaurant and the Santander buildings with much interest!!!

  4. Tina, Giles did wish him good luck!

    Furthermore, I think its well worth mentioning that the signage is compliant…well done Wansteadium. and the signage looks so much more classy than the previous.

  5. Oh joy, more of the same. The whole area is jam packed with Turkish restaurants, do we need another one? You can have too much of a good thing you know! It appears that the Longhorn has closed its doors finally. I’d love Singburi to open up here, or Tiffin Tin open a proper restaurant. I live in hope.

    1. …and the Turkish restaurant are always busy. Go ask someone about Supply and Demand to get your answers.

      Oh, and there’s more Indian Restaurants than Turkish in Wanstead before asking TiffinTin to open another so it appears you’ve defaeted your own arguement.

      We should be happy that someone is bothering to open a restaurant before the local sad-complainers moan it’s the wrong food or has the wrong sign.

      1. There are now 13 or 14 Turkish restaurants in a 2-mile radius of Wanstead, which seems like oversupply to me Mark. I like Turkish food, but as all of the restaurants in the area offer the same basic dishes, it just gets a bit dull. I’d love to see a bit more variety when it comes to what’s on offer – A modern British restaurant that’s of the same quality and price as Provender would be a great addition. And maybe a modern Thai restaurant like the excellent Smoking Goat would provide something different. There’s a world of great food out there, it would be nice to a bit more of it to choose from. And I agree about Tiffin Tin becoming a fully fledged restaurant rather than being just a takeaway, or how about something different when it comes to Indian food, such as Gunpowder in Spitalfields or their new place Gul & Sepoy.

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