6 thoughts on “The smell of fresh double yellow lines in the morning…”

  1. I just hope this time drivers actually bother to obey the law and no park on them. They’re there because it is dangerous and obstructing to park there. Sitting in the car or sticking your hazards on does not negate the problems parking there causes. The poor-hard-done-by-cash-cow-motorist is a figment of the imagination of the entitled, selfish and the lazy. I manage to drive and not park on yellow lines, nor bus stops, nor the 2 disabled bays outside Co-Op (another free-for-all for the selfish)

    Maybe after the pathetic shock, horror and bewilderment of wansteadium and some of its readers that people were being fined for parking illegally in the bus stop maybe this time they could be more considerate?

    1. Wow, Me, can you walk on water turn water into wine feed 5000 with loaves and fishes. As the love child of Jas and John (Howard if anyone is in doubt) your plan is coming nicely together you are clearly a paragon of virtue and Wanstead would be a better place with more residents like you. Sadly many will be penalised by this ill thought through debacle and if any local knowledge had been applied perhaps some benefit might have been gained. I hope that with local elections in the near future the obvious and evident ineptitude (£5m on a swimming pool really) of our local council will be recognised and sanity restored.

  2. It is usual for any Council to introduce a parking scheme 2 months before an election as it is a vote loser, so why has Councillors Athwal and Howard decided to do this.

    Have they decided that Wanstead is unwinnable because of the arrogant attuited they have displayed to residents and have decided that they might as well try to get some money in for the coffers of Redbridge Council so that they can fund the £400,000 a month they are spending on agency staff ?

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