Nice Croissant gets dissed

Wansteadium’s food blogger Suki Orange writes:

How should Wanstead loyalists react to this dissing dished out on Nice Croissant? I suppose at least it’s delivered with some flourish…

It comes from the London Review of Breakfasts:

The bread was of the ilk that lives sweating in placcy bags on supermarket shelves, so had dessicated unpleasantly after its grilling. The bechamel carried few hints of excitement, but was sufficiently gooey, if unevenly spread. The ham: pellucid. Barely there. The cheese warmed proceedings up. It always does. So – not a total dîner de chien, just slightly disappointing. But to improve matters, my latte arrived in one of those curvaceous mini-vases that seem to have fallen from favour, all moues and frothiness, giving the glad eye to my dining partner’s yeomanly mug of tea.

2 thoughts on “Nice Croissant gets dissed”

  1. I pretty much agree I’ve always been disappointed by the food there, they need to modernise/improve their offer.

  2. I wonder if they really were at the nice croissant – i have been going there since it opened and never had tea in a mug – yeomanly or otherwise!

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