So you can’t buy parmesan, almonds or polyfilla in Wanstead? Well, @JimSpin, shoppers of Wanstead seem to disagree on one point at least: there are many different kinds of Parmesan on sale in Wanstead. (And reader Tom adds: “Surely you can substitute polyfilla with philadelphia in most recipes?”)

But here is the evidence:



Now – first person to find some almonds and/or polyfilla will win a Wansteadium pencil.

One thought on “Parmesan-a-go-go”

  1. Many thanks to Wansteadium’s eagle-eyed army of readers. I can now cook carbonara the way mama used to make it.

    But how am I going to find a Wanstead-based solution to filling the holes in my crumbling kitchen wall? That’s the conundrum. Spreadable cheese may not provide a viable long-term solution.

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