No bonfires

With garden waste and recycling not being collected, it’s tempting to think about a garden bonfire. But Redbridge is appealing to residents not to go there.

A statement issued by the council said: “With the limited ability to enjoy fresh air at the moment, we all want to be able to get the best out of our gardens. We are asking residents not to start fires and, particularly, not to burn rubbish.” It’s also reminding people that unreasonably polluting fires can be reported to the council’s pollution team.

4 thoughts on “No bonfires”

  1. This is all well and good, but how on Earth are we expected to put all our recycling and our food waste into one dustbin. I am struggling getting everything on one dustbin. I put a black bag in my dustbin recently with some flowers which had died and the bin men took it out and threw it on the side. It was not garden waste it contained a bunch of flowers which had died. Open the recycling Centers. Fly tipping is appalling at the moment.

  2. Hi Fran totally agree with you .. due to the lack of collecting garden waste , .fly tipping is on the rise .
    What make this topic of garden waste in our borough so frustrating is that Waltham Forest council just on the border of Wanstead are still collecting green waste from houses .
    Are we going to get a refund in our council tax for lack of service …I doubt ? even a restricted collection service would be a bonus .

  3. The council said put recycling in a bin bag. We are putting a bin bag in the recycle bin and put that out with our rubbish weekly.

    1. You can’t put garden waste out with your normal waste collection. I agree with Michele they could at least collect it fortnightly. On the radio this morning they were saying people have mattresses to dispose of in which family members have died. They are stained with body fluids on and they smell awful. Apparently they just have to keep them in their houses. It’s just terrible and fly tipping will only get worse.

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