No ‘Cube’ for Wanstead

According to the Wanstead Society, an appeal against the rejection of  planning permission for the former Joliffe site has been rejected by the Planning Inspectorate. The proposal - nicknamed The Cube  –  would have included a green copper facade and would have comprised a number of flats and shops.

The Wanstead Society opposed the plans, and says that the rejection of the appeal means the developer will have to submit a new proposal with what it describes as “better plans and a good design”. Wansteadium has contacted the developers, Mammoth Texryte inviting them to comment.



14 thoughts on “No ‘Cube’ for Wanstead”

  1. The concept is OK….Wanstead’s had small market place outlets over the years and they are beneficial I think….good outlet for small companies etc. However the facade of this was not in keeping, adding nothing..just trying perhaps to be controversial? I am so glad it’s going..fingers crossed the amended design is pleasing.

  2. Result.

    More important to win refusal on this one, than on the snooker club/thai, which putting the unfortunate frontage loss to one side, is still a decent addition.

  3. Wanstead[Head in the sand]Society strike again-apart from the colour of the frontage which could be changed to fit with the surroundings surely this would create jobs and give the good folk of Wanstead a greater choice if a close eye was kept on who moves in…..

  4. @Ray – yes, I quite agree with you. Where were the Wanstead Society when the hideous Tesco, Starbucks and (now) Sainsbury frontages were appearing on the High Street? These look worse in my opinion – and (research shows) provide no economic benefit to the area.

  5. Thank goodness. I dread to think what would have happened should some investment, jobs and housing be brought to Wanstead. Luckily it’s all be rejected because some didn’t like the colour of the bricks.

  6. The proposed copper facade had no bearing on the reasons why the appeal was dismissed. In fact the appeal decision was reasonably positive about this and said ‘the choice of materials proposed by the appellant could … complement the existing pallet of
    materials in the area’. The 2 main reasons for dismissal were ‘the
    proposal would fail to preserve the character and appearance of the Wanstead
    Village Conservation Area …’ largely becasue of the roof treatment and protruding balcony and ‘the proposal would also fail to preserve the setting of The Shrubbery, a grade II listed building …’. It’s best to read the full appeal decision APP/W5780/15/3002949 at

  7. I’m sure most people would support development that creates jobs and is reasonable in it’s context etc but not that which appears to have been designed by Fisher-Price.

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