Oh yes… house prices, 1987-style

In our write-up of the 1987 Evening Standard profile of Wanstead which we ran on Saturday, we neglected to muse too much on the price of property. That was clearly what interested a lot of people though. Just to recap on the figures…


Let’s try to add some up-to-date figures, though of course it’s a bit tricky to compare like with like. We’ll do our best.

  • A two-bed Victorian terrace in Cowley Road sold in Feb 2016 –£625,000
  • A three-bed 1930s terrace in Addison Road sold in October –£642,600
  • St Mary’s Avenue is a bit hard to compare, because there just aren’t many sales at all. A seven-bed detached house there sold in October 2015 for £1.9m; a three-bed detached house sold in 2011 for £1.6m.