The Wanstead Fringe is returning (in case you hadn’t heard), and as in previous years the Jumble Trail is going to be one of the biggest events. As with the 2019 Trail, there’s going to be an emphasis on re-using, recycling and repairing.

As well as the chance to recycle your no-longer-wanted household belongings, there will be an expert team of seamstresses offering a drop-off service to do small clothing repairs. And a plant clinic hosted by Wanstead Community Gardeners will answer any questions about indoor or outdoor plants.

To take part, book your place via the Wanstead Fringe website. Proceeds will be shared between local primary school PTAs.

The Wanstead Fringe is returning on Friday 3 September until Sunday 19 September, despite all the difficulties and problems of the past 18 months.

And a shout-out needs to go to the Wanstead firms who have once again put their hands in their pockets to fund the Fringe, namely founding sponsor Petty Son and Prestwich, Edwards Duthie & Shamash, and THP Chartered Accountants. These three firms have, for several years, ensured that the Fringe can go ahead – and also that it happens without a penny of public money.

And Fringe organisers are delighted to announce that for the first time the event is also being sponsored by the Wanstead Society, the non-political organisation which aims to “protect, preserve and improve” Wanstead.

All four are hereby given a Covid-safe fist bump from Wansteadium. 👊

The Wanstead Fringe was highlighted by the Times on Friday as a reason people should move to Wanstead, something which has given Wansteadium a spring in its step this weekend.

There are several other compliments for Wanstead too… “pleasant shopping street”, “good range of independent shops”, “as leafy as you’ll get without moving to the real country”, and perhaps the best bit of all: “Locals are a community-spirited bunch in Wanstead.” Our friends in the Wanstead Community Gardeners get a very nice nod, as do Wanstead’s schools. The full version is online here.

In fact the only catch mentioned is that Wanstead is “encircled by busy A-roads including the North Circular”. Definitely more to come on this subject from October when the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone is extended to all areas inside the North Circular, meaning old and more-polluting cars will be banished from Wanstead. Bad for owners of older cars – good for people who like their air to be clean.

The Wanstead Fringe is going ahead this year from 3-19 September. Early details of some events will be published here in the next few days.

Pop legend Feargal Sharkey paid a visit with friends to Wanstead Cricket Club on Friday. And since it was junior training night, some sort of pun like Teenage Cricks might be in order. Or, preferably, much better via the comments form below please.

Wanstead geography student Ben Harris is attempting to become the first person to kayak solo the entire length of the world’s longest lake.

Ben, 21, started on 3 July and has now completed the first leg of four, avoiding crocodiles among other threats. The map below demonstrates he has a way to go – his progress is marked in blue.

On his site he explains his mission: “My aim is to kayak the entire length of the lake, from its southernmost tip in Mpulungu, Zambia to its northernmost tip in Bujumbura, Burundi, becoming the first person to complete this voyage solo. This entails close to 750km of kayaking, and will take me over a month to complete. The trip will be unsupported, low budget and I will be travelling light.”

He has form – he has previously cycled unsupported from Wanstead to Barcelona, has canoed and hiked in Canada’s remote Yukon region with the Inuit people, has mountaineered in the Alps and spent five months of solo travel across South America.

His current mission is to raise money for Centrepoint to support homeless young people. He’s sharing details of his trip on Instagram, and is inviting donations via this link – he’s already raised more than £6,000.