The bluebells of Wanstead Park are an annual joy – and this year is no different. Assuming appropriate social distancing, many people will be savouring the sight, but the usual caveats apply – namely that stepping off the path onto the soil destroys the bulbs and must be avoided, tempting though it is to get good photos.

Thankfully, reader Adrian Ryan has done us a solid by getting these pictures from a safe vantage point, so you don’t have to. Enjoy!

An opportunity to share anything you’ve been making or doing with fellow readers.

This from dedicated readers Henry and Nick, who have taken the opportunity to build what will become a further Little Library for Aldersbrook.

And this from Ros Dick who has found the space and time to throw the kitchen sink at the papyrus.

Let us share what you’ve been busy with – send pics and some info to

A new feature! Wanstead’s Isolation Projects – a showcase of various things Wanstead folk have made or done during the lockdown. It doesn’t matter what it is – just send us a photo, video, recording or email to – and tell us a bit about what you’ve done and why. Adults and children welcome.

Keith Coffey is kicking things off with this song and video he’s made. He writes:

This is my music isolation video. It’s meant to remind us that we’re all in this together. I put a call out to friends and family around the world and asked them to send me a positive video clip. I wrote and recorded this tune and put them together. This is the result.

Anya Lipska – aka writer Alison Turner – told the second Wanstead Social Distance Club meeting of her new heroine, Cassie Raven, a mortuary assistant who thinks of the bodies before her as being alive. She also talked about the life of a crime writer, and some of the difficulties the publishing industry is facing at the moment.

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Details of next week’s meeting will be announced at the weekend.