This warmed the heart (and also gave an answer to anyone wondering what exactly happens when people leave stuff they don’t need on the edge of their paths…)

What historians talk about to deal with lockdown stress…


Intriguing. And it’s worth following the discussion below the tweet too for alternative suggestions – including the notion that it was a calculated two fingers to polite society.


A radical suggestion from Wansteadium reader Dan:

Like most people I am missing my family and social interaction. One key area is having a meal and meeting friends and family for a light drink and chat.

Given the social distancing constraints this has meant closing all of our lovely bars and restaurants in Wanstead.

If social distancing restrictions lift many of our bars and restaurants are too small to allow for effective social distancing. However if we allow the high street to close during evenings during  the summer months we could go alfresco using the pavement for tables and the road as a walkway for pedestrians. Do you think this is something we could get some support from the local community. Happy to chat through with anyone.

Kind regards

Some delightful diversion created for the people of Wanstead by a local contributor who prefers the air of mystery. Answers will follow.


1. A mineral water spring in Wanstead’s park (3)
4. Peace-keeping force injury unravelled (7)
8. Crazy cool korma coat store (9)
10. Local blog criticises a new stadium (11)
12. An ordered formation right inside a beam of light (5)
13. Access the hospital department by the trauma centre (5)
15. Sounds like support for member of the House of Lords (4)
16. It’s inherited as part of a large, neglected estate (4)
17. Initially, eat nothing. Don’t stop (3)
18. Ineffectual short man (3)


1. Take a swipe at tactical response team (4)
2. Jab at unfinished card game (4)
3. Mystical light removes top from Laura (4)
4. Lunar vibration relates to a bone in the forearm (5)
5. Curious son returns before end of day (4)
6. Restructuring done for growth (4)
7. Demented dingo performing (5)
8. Looked after sprawling cedar (5)
9. Soft sounds mouthed without exclamation (5)
10. Architect a small bird? (4)
11. “Blokes”, you said, “lunch options?” (4)
12. Animal found in a permanent stupor (3)
14. Colour every other friend (3)

Apologies for the delay in posting this video, but here is the Wanstead Social Distance Club conversation with printing ace Russell Frost who runs the wonderful Hooksmith Press. It was a joy to hear from Russell and we hope to repeat the event during the Wanstead Fringe, if that takes place this year (TBC).