Please note this event has now passed – you can watch the video here.

Our second meeting takes place this afternoon at 5pm when crime writer Alison Turner, aka Anya Lipska, will be reading from her upcoming novel Body Language.

To join the Zoom meeting, please click this link:

That link should work by itself, but Zoom has introduced tougher security and you may also need these details: Meeting ID: 655 544 964 and password : 005563

The Wanstead Social Distance Club is open to all readers of Wansteadium – it’s our little contribution to keep community life alive in Wanstead while people can’t meet in person.

Have a suitable 5pm beverage handy, and be ready for some details of the life of a mortuary assistant.

Car parks for many of the most popular open areas around Wanstead are closing, the Epping Forest authorities have announced, following the lead of many similar open spaces around the capital. The good news for walkers – and dogs – is that they are still at the time of writing open to foot and bike traffic.

The Hollow Ponds car park shut at the end of last week to allow more parking for hospital staff and volunteers to reach Whipps Cross easily.

Seeing the Farmers’ Market on Sunday was not quite what many people had expected, although it did appear that appropriate social distancing was taking place, and food was definitely what was on offer.

One Wansteadium reader, Louise, was not happy, emailing to say she was waiting in the 2-metre queue at Tesco to buy essentials when she saw people walking up and down the road looking at the stalls.

All our shops have been fully stocked so there was no need. Also is going out to buy luxury cheese an essential right now? It actually feels like Wanstead think they are immune to this! I live alone and I’m extremely active and close to family, but I’m sticking to the rules with the hope that the isolation period won’t go on too long, so I can start to live a normal life again. I am so disappointed with Wanstead right now!!!

On the other hand, the stallholders – part of the food production chain – are themselves trying to keep in business. It’s yet another of those tricky issues where if there IS a right answer, it’s not immediately clear.

The second meeting of the Wanstead Social Distance Club is going to be a real treat. Crime author Alison Turner, known to Wansteadium readers as Anya Lipska, will be reading a chapter from her soon-to-be published new novel Body Language, written under the name AK Turner.

The club is an online meeting for any Wansteadium readers at which local figures are speaking about a variety of topics. Our first meeting on Monday of this week was a triumph and proved to us that events can take place successfully on Zoom.

Alison has been a great supporter of cultural events in Wanstead, including Fringe events for many years. Her series of crime novels featuring Kershaw and Kiszka were set in locations which were familiar to Wanstead readers.

Her new heroine, Cassie Raven, works as a mortuary assistant in Camden, and was featured in a short story broadcast on BBC Radio 4 last year

And in a mini-scoop for Wansteadium, this is a first look at the cover of the book, which is being published in November.

You can join the meeting on Monday 6 April at 5pm via this link.

In the first meeting of the Wanstead Social Distance Club, author and film-maker John Rogers spoke about some of the walks he’s taken around our part of east London, and reflected on the joys of seeing things you hadn’t noticed before. You can watch the video of the session below, and watch out for the next meeting.


You can support John by watching his videos, buying his book, reading his blog, backing him on Patreon, or even buying an Eastern Avenue hoodie. True.