Post-Gioberti rumour

Normally reliable sources tell Wansteadium that Gioberti’s will reopen on Tuesday, renamed as Piccolo, and will remain as an Italian restaurant though run by a South American chef.

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  1. Spoke to the new owners the other day and they seem really nice. They’re going to use all local produce and want the restaurant to be welcoming for local people. The chef used to work at the Belsit in Woodford.

  2. Hi all,
    It is true. Giobert was bought by a nice couple and will be reopen on Tuesday called Piccolo Ristorante. This is family run business not a part of a chain. The chef used to work for 19 years in Adraitico and after 6 years at BelSit in Woodford Green. They will try to make sure all their customers are well served and happy.

  3. I hope they increase the size of that awful WC where everyone including the staff are forced to use.

    What do wheelchair users do?

  4. Hopefully it will be a fresher, lighter more modern sort of Italian. We gave up on Giobertis as the food was like overpriced school dinners.

  5. We stayed as Gioberti customers but we always had pizzas which were reliable. I hope the new owners take the chance to freshen up the decor as the place was looking v tired towards end of Gioberti era.

  6. Give me beef carpaccio, aubergine parmigiana, a regular bruschetta, a spaghetti putanesca, and bolognese for the boy; we also like vitello milanese and anything cooked in the tomato, caper and anchovy sauce that I can’t remember the name of.

    Got to be room on the High Street for a decent Itlian

  7. Giobertti was only good for pizza. The rest was overpriced and average. Their desserts were premade or frozen. Please, Piccolo, give us at least 1 or 2 home made dessert. A fresh tiramisu, oh yeah!

  8. Sampled it for the first time this week. Only pasta and pizza but big improvement over Giobertis. We had quite a chat with the lovely Polish lady who explained they were hoping to get people to “trade up” from pizza and pasta to the meat and fish courses. We said we thought they looked over priced (as indeed, is the wine) , particularly the starters, her partner sprang from the kitchen and gave a very “spirited” defence! He was adamant the quality of his food justified the prices, so we promised that next time we will do a proper “3 courses” to see for ourselves. They certainly have a good deal more passion than the old crowd. The menu needs rewriting, they’ve spruced it up a little inside, but as revenue comes in, they do need to modern it up somewhat.

    They have a head start purely from the number of loyal customers this place has – if the food is as good as promised, then they should do well. If another Italian opened, then I still feel they would struggle to hold those prices.

  9. We went to Piccolo last night … we were a party of 6 and must say that this is a fantastic restaurant, top class food, generous portions and amazing owners. Thank you for a wonderful night. We will certainly be returning.

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