Wanstead’s first frost, 2013


13 November – Wanstead’s first frost of the season, though it came a bit unexpectedly. (We know some others take this sort of thing very seriously, but this now counts as a tradition for Wansteadium)
For sake of reference:
2012 – 6 November
2011 – 25 November
2010 – 21 October

Reader Matt Bennett writes:
Just wanted to share this picture with you. It’s Wanstead green and with the weather the way it was this morning
I felt compelled to take a picture.
No filter and everything!
Anyway the result put a massive smile on my face and made me proud to
Think I live in such a beautiful place.


4 thoughts on “Wanstead’s first frost, 2013”

  1. 5:30 run this morning was the coldest this season!

    Fortunately I had the proper equipment on and was a little shocked when I saw it frozen solid on the car.

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