Psst! Wanna buy Belgique? Yup, the whole thing…

Belgique is up for sale, according to Wansteadium’s favourite weekend read,

The site reports that the cafe chain, which now has 10 branches in Woodford Green, Bishops Stortford, Loughton, Epping and others, served by its patisserie chefs from the Wanstead HQ, is being offered for an undisclosed sum. Full story is here.

It’s just a few weeks since its founder and boss Igor Bekaert won a battle with Redbridge planners over the terrace which he installed at the front of the Cambridge Park branch. He collected more than 1,000 signatures opposing an order that the £120,000 terrace be removed, and the decision was overturned by a planning inspector.

3 thoughts on “Psst! Wanna buy Belgique? Yup, the whole thing…”

  1. Interesting. I enjoyed the quote here. “Confidentially for sale”. Yep, thats why it is in the trade press and I’m giving a quote…..

  2. 1) An up market burger could do very well in Wanstead. There is no competition, up or downmarket, though GFK is not the one I would choose. Not a patch on Patty & Bun or even Byron – which would be a more welcome addition.
    2) I hope whoever is taking over Giobertis, they improve the food. I ate in there for the first time for ages recently – still very old skool and overpriced. Freshen it up, modernise the menu and SPEND SOME MONEY ON THE PLACE. The toilets are appalling.
    3) Belgo has great potential, but it is not well managed. Too many bad experiences with sour and slow staff and mercurial food. I rarely go now. Somebody buy it and get a grip on it, please!

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