So what’s the deal with the Duke of Edinburgh?


Nearly always occupied, with thriving outdoor smoking area (ie on the pavement), the Duke of Edinburgh on Nightingale Lane is now strangely empty with no sign to indicate what’s going on. There is some old carpet stacked up outside so it may be a simple refurbishment – anyone who knows what’s happening please leave a comment.

4 thoughts on “So what’s the deal with the Duke of Edinburgh?”

  1. The Duke has been taken under new management with very exciting plans for a big refurb in 2014. New owner is a lovely bloke with big visions for the pub. About time too, will be a fantastic family friendly destination that we have all much anticipated.

  2. Will it have Sky Sports? Wanstead is missing such a place; I moved here recently & there isn’t anywhere I can watch the F1, Cricket, Rugby Union, with nice food, atmosphere etc. Have had to go to South Woodford to watch the autumn rugby matches and found it a bit lackluster. I would rather put money over the bar for a good beer or three than to line Sky’s pockets by subscribing to sky sports and stay in!

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