Redbridge goes where angels fear to tread…

In a move which Sir Humphrey Appleby might have described as “brave”, Redbridge Council has launched a borough-wide consultation on parking – an issue on which nearly everyone has strong feelings one way or another.

The online consultation, which runs until the end of August, has been launched with the goal of making the council’s approach to parking “consistent and fair”, though those who were involved in the Wanstead Parking Wars (a longstanding Wansteadium subject) will remember the case being made against the same rules applying in Wanstead as in other parts of the borough.

Council officers may well suspect that they will end up pleasing no-one – and one question in the consultation appears to recognise the often polar divisions on the subject. Participants are asked to select up to three of the following as priorities:

The full consultation can be found here, along with a list of FAQs.

One thought on “Redbridge goes where angels fear to tread…”

  1. I really don’t understand why Redbridge do not have pay and display down one side of the street with a 4 hour limit so this will stop commuters parking but will allow for shoppers to park shop etc would be fair for shoppers and shop keepers a like

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