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The Evening Standard’s much anticipated Homes and Property supplement about Wanstead is published today. Wansteadium gets a mention which is nice, although it is referred to as a “bulletin board” which is odd.

Anyway, pick up a copy if you can, and we’ll deconstruct it throughout the evening. Tweet @wansteadium or add comments below.

Here goes:

Er… no.


May be for sale, but has been for a while… How many million pound houses back directly onto the Central Line?


Nutter Lane, Nutter Field, Nutter Bench. Now Nutter House.


Wansteadium reader Dee comments: “All the history Wanstead has and the opening paragraphs discuss Snaresbrook Crown Court. Very bizarre.”



This is nice, kind of.

15 thoughts on “Review: Standard comes to Wanstead”

  1. Nice article but found it odd that the biggest photo was of Robin’s pie and mash shop.Provendor, Sumo Fresh or the good old Larder surely would have been a bit more….. well….. ‘Wansteady’

  2. The Council estates have been ignored, even though flats and houses in the Empress Avenue and Rivenhall Gardens areas, for example, do come up for sale for considerably less money than the typical house prices mentioned in this article. This also makes them a little more affordable for the more average families than those found in the deepest depths of Shoreditch. I feel that this article and the ‘PR’ that went into it smacks of social cleansing. Rivenhall has also been carefully avoided in the shot of Eagle Pond, quite a feat as it’s one of Redbridge’s biggest Council estates. Is Wanstead embarassed by its Council housing? Perhaps these areas are considered too ‘street’ to be part of the ‘village’? And Wanstead Village. Really? Never understood that idea.

  3. I read somewhere that when there is an article in the paper on a subject we actually know about, we often get annoyed at the inaccuracies or slant put on the story. We then turn the page to something we know nothing about and take it as gospel.

    Personally, I found the article quite uninspiring. It didn’t really sell Wanstead. It certainly didn’t make it sound like one of the top 10 places to live (which of course it is).

  4. Completely agree with Joff. I picked up my copy of H&P last night with great anticipation only to be thoroughly disappointed by the article.
    Opening with the high-profile court attendees isn’t really relevant or reflective and most of the photography was dull as…

  5. I agree that this barely touched the surface of what a great place to live Wanstead is. But on reflection I’m glad, hopefully we can stay small and exclusive without the hoards invading!!

  6. Very disappointed. Surprised they emblazoned the Pie Mash shop across the article! To me the article does not encapsulate Wanstead. Agree with the comments that they could have taken some nice shots of Sumo Fresh, Orange Tree, Provendor, Queens Grill, Belgique, the Green etc Although, in fairness some of these places did get a mention and there were a few nice shots of Wanstead – e.g. Eagle Pond

    If I didn’t live here the article would have left me uninspired. Which is in stark contrast to friends who have visited from other parts of London.

  7. I lived in Wanstead for 24 years and loved every minute of it. Such a friendly community, especially the library and St. Gabriel’s church. Also where else in London do you get such beautiful open spaces as Wanstead Park and Wanstead Flats without it costing a fortune ? Wonderful area of London.

  8. A couple of comments regarding the focus on the Pie Shop which are unfair.

    The Pie shop has been around longer than any of the other eateries on the High Street.
    It is part of ‘East London’ Tradition good old Pie and Mash. Walthamstow has a Pie and Mash shop with Listed Status!

    I do believe that they tried to goto Sumo Fresh, but they are closed on Monday.
    The Queens Grill is recently under new management after the last guy did a runner with the takings.. Not something to write home about.
    I also believe they then had scheduled to goto Provender via the Cuckfield. Reports suggest that that they are still in the Cuckfield waiting to be served…

    So, to say the Pie and Mash shop is not ‘Wansteady’ … maybe they should pack up shop and we can have another nail bar, hair dressers, bookmakers or estate agents.
    I believe in remembering where you came from. I am from up ‘norf where we used to eat cole and share tin baths with the street (my family still do). A Pie and Mash shop, even though I have only visited it once, is fine by me on the High Street.

  9. Three years is certainly longer than some of the other business on the High Street.

    People may be against the Pie and Mash shop, Greggs etc… but they are the ones making the money. The Boutique shops are always going to fail against bigger shopping malls.
    OK you might have bought a coat from one 4 years ago, but that sole purchase does not keep the place open.

    I would love a High Street full of Boutique shops (to replace the Nail Bars and Estate Agents) and for people to hop and skip around singing joyous song, but the reality is that it only ever exists in movies.

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