Wanstead’s newest home: A thought


There’s much interest in the former coal merchants/builders’ office which last week Wansteadium pointed out had been turned into a one-bedroom bungalow which is now on sale for £300,000.

Along the side of the property, behind the building, the land tapers to a longish, thin strip. Since it’s directly on to the High Street pavement and at eye level, it is pretty visible. In this plot, unpromising though it might seem – especially so since the office was empty for so long – there is a little bit of garden which in summer is quite attractive.

How so, one might ask. The answer is Wanstead’s own guerrilla gardener, Marian Temple, one of whose passions is tending unlikely bits of Wanstead in the interests of making them beautiful slices of greenery. Her own garden is the subject of much admiration, as is the well-known garden at the Corner House which she looks after with other volunteers. But less well-known is her freelance creativity.

Who knows, if the vendor of the property should be lucky enough to obtain their asking price, they might just decide they could afford to make a donation to Marian to help buy some bulbs for her next green slice of Wanstead, wherever that may be.

7 thoughts on “Wanstead’s newest home: A thought”

  1. Yes, her presentation and pictures at the Wanstead Fringe event at the Oxfam bookshop was inspiring. I’m sure she’d welcome more volunteers. The strip of land on the opposite side along the ramp up to Snaresbrook station looks a bit forlorn. I’d be willing to help is that was taken on.

  2. Access to the strip of land is hardly user-friendly as the railings go right up to the building: shinning up the wall or taking a step ladder would be necessary. At that price I would expect access to my back garden!!!

  3. If Marcella wants to help me to do something with that manky bit of land on the ramp going up to Snaresbrook Station, she’s welcome to get in touch with me. Maybe two heads would be better than one. Marian Temple.

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