The voice of the people

At last week’s Area 1 committee of Redbridge Council – the bit which deals with very local issues for Wanstead and Snaresbrook – it seemed that there were almost as many coppers present as there were residents.

Well, not quite, perhaps. There were seven officers, six councillors, and 20 residents. Ok, there weren’t very many controversial issues on the agenda, but it didn’t seem like very many people. So, Wansteadium mused, which area of Redbridge is the most politicised? After a bit of data crunching (and thanks to the work of the DataShare team at Redbridge), we are proud to reveal the following…

So from that we can conclude that most area meetings get fewer than 50 people turning up, though nearly all areas have occasional larger turnouts – probably when there are issues of controversy. The people of Wanstead and Snaresbrook are either more afflicted with controversy, or are more prepared to get stuck in.

One thought on “The voice of the people”

  1. There appear to be many more retired and “concerned” do gooders in wanstead than in other poorer and harder working neighbourhoods…some of them create controversy and unpleasantness where none should exist. I am certain some of these social misfits are regular attendees!

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