RIP Bipasha. Long live… err…D-something…?

Bipasha, the log-fringed Indian restaurant on Nightingale Lane, has disappeared over the past couple of weeks. The fringe – bizarre as it was – has gone too.

And in its place is something we can only describe as “Deshi? Delhi? No definitely Deshi. Is that even a name? Deshi Spice, I think.” It opened on Thursday night.

As is traditional with new openings, Wansteadium wishes the folk behind this venture the best of luck. But it is worth raising the old question… Did anyone ever see any customers sitting in Bipasha?


10 thoughts on “RIP Bipasha. Long live… err…D-something…?”

  1. Bipasha was truly woeful.. Deshi Spice doesn’t look particularly edifying.
    With The Lane just down the road opposite the Nightingale, it’s always going to be difficult though, isn’t it?

  2. I can remember people traveled from a far to eat at the Bipasha, which was one of the best curry houses in the area. Albeit, the last time I eat there, many years ago, the food was poor. One wondered how the place stayed open as I have never seen more than two tables in use .

  3. I wonder if they are the same people that occupy the only two tables that are ever occupied in L’Infinito…

  4. Actually, if I am truely honest, a lot of restaurants around the area aren’t as good as I would have expected. Bipasha/ deshi spice (who cares about the name anyway? it’s the food and service that count) made my wife and two grandchildren very happy yesterday; both the new dishes and the friendly ‘little’ man were in accordance with the standard I’d expect from a restaurant going for more than 30 odd years. I’m not one to argue with people, but having tried to research the actual history- yes,that includes correctly spelt names- I believe this article (or quite the unprofessional blog) is invalid. Honestly, the racism and slagging off of people is not on, especially in Wanstead. We should be promoting the entrepreneurship and multiculturalism in Wanstead, not finding flaws in something that we have never even experienced .

    1. We take unprofessionalism as a compliment. Racist? Not so much, thank you. And as for misspelling? Truly has no ‘e’.

  5. I’ve been a loyal customer ever since I found out about the chocolate mints they give after the meals. Definitely a contender with my local indian.

  6. We’ve been twice- really liked it. Friendly staff and really tasty food, including standards like chicken dhansak and lamb curry. Would recommend.

  7. My husband and I went on a wet miserable Friday evening .we have just moved to the area and whilst I am not a Curry aficionado, ŵe did have regular Friday venue in our old village where we both could eat well….We loved it..service exemplary and food delicious. Go!

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