Say what you like, but…

Tree Amigos may be controversial, but in the right light, boy do they make Wanstead High Street look Christmassy.

PS. Late intelligences from the former Heads n Tails, Wanstead’s ancestral supplier of fir trees at this time of year, are that they will be selling Christmas trees this year despite change in ownership.

8 thoughts on “Say what you like, but…”

  1. Sorry but l don’t agree with you; what about the several local businesses that sell Christmas tres and pay council tax all year round – they deserve better; last year there were ‘concerns’ about this very point , plus the potential damage to the grass – not sure if you have noticed they have ‘hooked up’ to the local lamp-post for energy (who’s paying for that?) – last year the community were ignored by Redbridge when people objected – l’m not sure what part looks Christmassy it’s a load of fencing with some brown sheeting; not very attractive- support the local businesses and don’t promote company’s who are there only to make a quick buck and are not providing services to the community all year round;

    1. Ah well it’s good that we can disagree politely. All I’m saying is that, in the right light (and admittedly with a close cropping) the trees and lights do look Christmassy.
      PS. Wansteadium ALWAYS supports local businesses.

  2. Well said Chris. I agree entirely. Redbridge council are a disgrace allowing the trees to be sold but then again they built the coffee hut taking business away from high street retailers. DONT BUY A CHRISTMAS TREE FROM THREE AMIGOS!! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL HIGH STREET.

  3. I love that the tree Amigos have brightened up the high street. Every year the Christmas lights in the high street are appallingly dull and boring. We have a tree lit up at the Wanstead end of the high street every year, surely it should be in the middle of the high street for all to see. Snaresbrook is so dull and lacks any Christmas lights. For the last three years I’ve emailed Redbridge to get better lights on the high street and every year my emails are ignored. Hats off to City Place and Ginger Pig for decorating the outside of their businesses. Their lights are fabulous. I’ve lived in Wanstead for 35 years and support local business as much as I can. Everyone deserves to “make a quick buck” afterall look at all the fairs and the so called “local makers” fairs we have going on all around Wanstead. When I asked where the florist at the “local makers fair” was based last year, I was told Hackney. Not local in my opinion. All the jewellery makers coming to trade at the church fairs and local makers fairs are taking trade from local businesses too. Leave the tree amigos alone they’re just making a living.

  4. Definetly not classy,my first reaction was is it a builders hoarding? Do the managent of this enterprise have Town planning consent for a a change of use to our green.

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