Items at Hermon Hill house were not explosives

Suspicious items at a house which was searched by police following the death of a Wanstead woman were not explosives, police have confirmed.

The Essex News and Investigations site reports that residents who had been evacuated when the building was being searched on Thursday had been told police suspected there were explosives inside.

However in a statement yesterday the Met confirmed the items had turned out not to be suspicious. It did not confirm what they were.

The suspicious items were found at 3.40pm on Thursday, shortly before Hermon Hill was closed, from Nelson Road to Wellesley Road, and houses were evacuated.

The search followed the unexplained death of 28-year-old resident Lorena Ciupeanu, on 5 November. A special post mortem examination gave ‘early indications of a drug overdose’ as a possible cause of death.

5 thoughts on “Items at Hermon Hill house were not explosives”

  1. I was one of the people who live very near… and therefore was evacuated.

    Despite the assertion that nothing was found, it’s interesting that on Friday a SECOND forensics tent was erected outside the property and there is a greater Police presence than anytime over the last 2 weeks.

    1. It doesn’t say nothing was found. It says the items that were found turned out not to be suspicious (and not explosives).
      It’s a developing investigation into an unexplained death, so the coming and going of forensic teams isn’t too surprising.

      1. I was not allowed back in my flat (I was stood outside the door) and was not told anything about explosives. I was told I wasn’t allowed back into my flat as they didn’t want my children to even ‘catch a glimpse’ of what they were about to bring out the house. My neighbours that were in their flats were not evacuated….. I don’t think there were ever any explosives.

  2. I just wonder why it’s all so secretive. The Police & Forensics are still there today (Sunday) and the level of activity is as brisk as it was on the day the cordon was put in place.

    However an interesting thing to note is how there is very little coverage by the media of what appears to be quite a significant investigation.

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