6 thoughts on “Scenes from Music in Wanstead Park”

  1. Great great great day. Brings the community together. If the local council can’t see this value then they shouldn’t be our council. Well organised, no trouble and something very special that we should all be very proud of. 👏

  2. Many congratulations to the man with his placard who was protesting about the cost of attending Music in the Park yesterday. £30 for a family of 4 is simply too much, particularly when you have to pay a further £1.50 a ride for the small amount of rides available. Charging money for 4 year olds is a disgrace. They say the event is organised by the Aldersbrook Families Association. On their website their are no details about them. I’ve lived on the Aldersbrook estate for years and never heard of them, neither has anyone else. I’ve never heard of any meetings either. I’ve tried to find details as to where the money goes from all of this but again everyone is clueless. It’d be very interesting to see the accounts for this. over 3000 attended this event last year. This event clearly doesn’t cost £30,000 to host, so what happens to the rest?

  3. Too expensive. This is our third visit but most likely the last. £30 for our family yet still more money for very basic rides and amateur stalls. No disrespect to the people selling but I expect more if I’m paying £30 to get in.

    It has a very local feel and you don’t mind putting up with local bands and people selling but it’s not right to charge so much for what is typical of say a school fete quality.

    Either charge less or give better value for money.

  4. I wonder what knowledge my namesake has about the cost of insurance for such an event (which one of the organisers told me was “eye-watering”) or how much the bands cost to hire, etc? Or the cost if it rains and numbers attending are a lot smaller?

    MIWP is a very successful event that has been run by a small group of volunteers for several years. Why don’t Clive and Mark also volunteer their services so they can see what is involved and take part in the decisions.

    Comments like ‘nobody in Aldersbrook has ever heard of them’ (I have, and I’m not a member or volunteer) are clearly not correct.

  5. Clive, I would imagine the costs are similar to the Wanstead festival held successfully every year (on the park on the High St) with local trades people, music, dancing events. It is an excellent event with what I would suggest is similar quality of stalls/activities etc. We’ve been for the last few years and it’s a great day out.

    Can you guess how much that costs to enter? I’ll give you a clue, its an awful lot less than the £30 I paid on Sunday…£30 less in fact.

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