Scooter warning

A letter to Wansteadium from reader Keith:

Dear Wansteadium,
Please be warned about a couple of young gentlemen riding a scooter. Last week they rammed my car as I was turning into Woodbine Place from the High Street. They managed to get back on their scooter and escape. I would like to thank all of the kind people of Wanstead who came to my aid. Everything happened too quickly to get their registration number. Frustratingly I saw them the next day weaving in and out of traffic in the High Street before jumping the lights at Hermon Hill and riding towards Charlie Brown’s.

I have had a number of people contact me with other sightings. Unfortunately the police are over-stretched with more serious incidents to deal with and will not be following this up.

They have cost me dearly but the greater concern is that they are going to soon hurt someone.



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