So long, NatWest. Thanks for nothing

Hallowe’en removals

The removal of any trace that there was ever a NatWest on Wanstead High Street was as efficient a process as British banking can ever have seen. After the branch closed on 31 October, but before the children were out treat-or-treating, the bank’s signs were removed, window stickers scraped off and whitewash applied. Definitely trick, not treat.

So a genuine word of thanks to the staff of Wanstead NatWest for their public service over many years. 

And no thanks at all to NatWest itself, which has left Wanstead without any banks. As a company which is 39% owned by the taxpayer, which received £45bn in bailouts, and which has made more than £3bn profits so far this year – it should hang its head in shame. As should those banks and building societies which went before it by closing branches.

The nearest banks to Wanstead are now in George Lane and Leytonstone High Road. But for most people who for whatever reason need counter service, the burden falls once again on Wanstead Post Office. Bravo and thanks to them.

13 thoughts on “So long, NatWest. Thanks for nothing”

  1. Wel, the government’s version of nationalisation or part ownership is simply to help out shareholders and the board with an unlimited pipeline of cash, and let the customer go to blazes.

  2. No loss really except to those queuing up daily to check if any more interest has been added to their account since the day before. You can do everything on line and we must move on with modern processes. Not many people use cheques now for instance.

    1. More people are not online (or not confident with online banking) than one might think. If those people don’t have friends or family who can help them, who will help? NatWest’s video banking service??

  3. Odd you say our nearest bank is now George Lane. I had a phone call from Nat West to say my nearest branch was now Walthamstow!!!

  4. The mantra of the Financial Conduct Authority, the regulator of Natwest and all other lenders, is that customers MUST be treated fairly. I cannot see that closing all the branches and taking for ever to answer the telephone fulfils this mantra. The truth is the FCA are frightened to regulate businesses the size of Natwest in a proper manner. They should both be ashamed of themselves

  5. Who has seen the latest Nationwide advert on tv – when other banks are closing it tells us [Perhaps tongue in cheek] – ‘Nationwide – we never close’ – Tell that to the good folk of Wanstead..

  6. Where i live in Welshpool Mid Wales all our banks closed We are having a banking hub which you would think they would have sorted this out before closing all the banks

  7. The ironic thing was their sign which said “how disappointed they were to close” (and of course.saving £5000,000 by cutting costs ) l bet they were well sick at saving all that amount of money :

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