The cows are back

Pic: Nick Affleck

The cows have returned to Wanstead Park for their autumnal visit. And though walking in the park is unlikely to be a top weekend activity for any but the hardiest in the current deluge, the three Longhorns will nevertheless be a welcome sight. Volunteer chaperones have been advising humans and canines on the correct protocols.

Meanwhile, anyone fancying foraging in the park or other bits of Epping Forest has been advised that it is not a good thing. The BBC this week reported:

People have been warned not to pick mushrooms in Epping Forest. The City of London Corporation, which conserves the ancient woodland as a registered charity, said the fungi were vital to the health of the forest’s one million trees.

It said the fungi play an important role in protecting the roots of trees, providing water and vital minerals. The authority said those caught foraging faced prosecution and a criminal record.

BBC News

This was one haul confiscated by the Corporation, which also said that one person had been stopped with 49kg of mushrooms.

Pic: City of London Corporation