Some questions it would be really good to have answers to

There are some unresolved questions following the incident on Hermon Hill on Wednesday which it would be good if the Met Police could answer.  Judging by the theories, claims and allegations being made on social media (just see the Wanstead-related tweets on this page), some clarification could almost certainly help.

The questions include:

  • How seriously is the incident being taken by police and is there an active investigation into it?
  • Were there witnesses to the attack and have they been interviewed?
  • Did any witnesses hear anything being shouted during the incident?
  • Is there CCTV covering the area in question and is it being investigated?
  • Do the police have descriptions of the culprits and are they actively seeking them?
  • Were the attackers known to the victim?
  • Do the police believe that the reports published in local newspapers are an accurate reflection of what happened?
  • Is there any reason for Wanstead residents to be alarmed?

In other news… the Ilford Recorder has now removed the words from its headline and report which it initially said were shouted during the attack. The BBC report did not include the report of those words being shouted, which has led some on social media to claim a conspiracy (but which might alternatively have been for a good reason). The Wanstead Guardian report has not, at the time of writing, been changed.



BBC News is now reporting that the incident is being treated as a hate crime because of comments made during the attack.  No arrests have been made and enquiries are continuing, the BBC says.



This statement now issued by the Met.




10 thoughts on “Some questions it would be really good to have answers to”

  1. The BBC didn’t print what some less well regulated tabloids said was shouted, because it was not confirmed and they had no evidence. That’s not conspiracy, that’s reputable journalism, and we need more of it.

    Shame on the Ilford Recorder.

    1. Never heard about the Ilford Recorder until today. But this morning they pissed me off big time with their article about “dark adverts” on Facebook, which presented what seemed to me normal FB posts by the Labour, LibDems and Greens as something borderline evil and illegal. A passing hint of the Brexit referendum, but no Tories or Cambridge Analytica mentioned in connection with that.

  2. The whole thing smells of a gang related incident…

    The ‘victim’ should be ashamed of telling the tale she did.

    1. The whole thing smells of 20 different possibilities. I will leave it to the police to figure it out as they will know A LOT MORE DETAILS THAN US. Not the Wanstead mafia nor the armchair judges.

      I get it is frustrating we are not being given more details but procedurally, there is often good reason for that.

    2. Given we don’t know what the “victim” has claimed, why are you stating she should be ashamed of anything?

      No one here seems to know anything about what really happened and best wait until we do before attacking anyone.

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