Hermon Hill attack: Police should clarify matters

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An incident in which a Wanstead nursery worker was injured with a knife at 9.30am on Hermon Hill by three women reportedly shouting “Allah” is not being treated as terrorism by the Metropolitan Police. Since the story started circulating on social media shortly after lunchtime, various claims have been made that this is either because it was violent enough to warrant being called terrorism, or because of political correctness.

This is a small selection of tweets from the afternoon:

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It’s clear though that this is a story which has the potential to build into a social media meme which could inflame matters. Some clarification from the police as to what they believe happened, with an explanation of why it is not considered a terrorist-related incident, would be very useful.

16 thoughts on “Hermon Hill attack: Police should clarify matters”

  1. I agree with the need for clarification.

    I notice that the incident has been reported to have taken place on Wanstead High St, in the same road where the victim works (Hermon Hill) as well as at a ‘junction’, at about 0930.

    The reported assault – beating and slashing (not stabbing) – would have taken a little while so it is unfortunate that no-one intervened on what would be a reasonably busy High Street at that time (less so if it was on Hermon Hill). Anyway there will surely be CCTV and probably witnesses if it took place on the High Street.

    I note it is said, quoting a colleague and/or her manager at the nursery, that the victim had the ‘Koran chanted at her’. The victim is referred to with a non-Muslim name and as white (in the Daily Mail). I’m sure I would not recognise the Koran being chanted at me.

    I furthermore notice that the claims of mentions of Allah as well as ‘Allah’s going to get you’ are all 3rd hand accounts for what happened.

  2. I should have said that the claims of mention of Allah are from ‘2nd hand’ accounts of what happened. There are not any reported comments directly from the victim (or, obviously, from the alleged attackers) .

    1. Or maybe the police aren’t commenting because it is something else entirely and giving the public s blow by blow account is not in the investigation’s interests.

      The news reports all seem to be from the same third hand account and frankly I won’t believe any of it until it comes from a more credible source. The fact the anti terror police are not interested means to me that it isn’t and the notion it is political correctness is ludicrous.

      1. I agree.

        Another account of incident has been published but without sources and, indeed, “frankly I won’t believe any of it until it comes from a more credible source.”

        I agree with Michelle but also with the article – more detail (but nothing that could affect any possible prosecutions) would have been possible and such could have stopped the flames fanning.

        The matter appears to be dying naturally, though. The general election, etc will presumably see this story displaced

  3. Why is everyone bending over backward to figure out “what really happened”?

    While, when a white racist attacks a Muslim, nobody tries to figure anything out or query if there is more to the story, they are satisfied to condemn it without further thought as “a white racist attacked an innocent Muslim person.”

    But when a Muslim attacks an apparently white person? “I need more clarification.” Cries the politically correct liberals too unwilling to admit SOME of these people HATE US and want us and our way of life DEAD.
    WAKE UP.

    1. If anyone carries out a racially motivated attack it’s wrong. It’s just not been confirmed that’s what has happened here. The claims of people shouting ‘Allah’ haven’t been verified, so for all we know right now this could be a mugging gone wrong which is very different from an Islamist-inspired attack. It’s why the press need to be really careful what headlines they’re publishing and why we all need to be wary of jumping to conclusions until we know the facts.

    2. Such a load of crap. In all circumstances it is worth finding out what really happened, whichever way around it was. And that is what happens. The police investigate.

      You might like to try and convict people in your own tiny mind without any thought for what actually happened but luckily the grown-ups are in charge.

    3. GB, I don’t know you or your experiences of life, but clearly you are upset by Muslims due to some beliefs. I’m sure your an intelligent person that is interested in the facts? You owe the truth to yourself.

      If I may make a suggestion. Why not take a holiday to a Muslim country and just talk to the people. See how they behave. Walk into a Mosque. No one will hate you. No one will harass you. If you can’t afford a holiday then walk into a Mosque. You can be honest with them, they won’t be upset.

      BTW – Muslims can also be white. There are over a billion Muslims, to say they HATE US, well you’re a smart guy, does that make sense? Finally the same people who race bait also complain these Muslims want to come to our country. Would you want to go to a country that you hated? It doesn’t make any sense. I suggest take a small step and think about it.

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