Something big is coming

Wanstead’s lamented Londis, and its neighbour, the missing Midland hollowed HSBC are being redeveloped. And from being nosy it looks as if it’s all going to be one big premises. It’s a pretty large space inside – almost too big for a shop. But probably the right size for a big restaurant. Offers of intelligence are welcome in the usual manner.


32 thoughts on “Something big is coming”

  1. no more bloody eateries or coffee shops.. I have heard a rumour that it might be a Superdrugs .. but I dont believe that.. we certainly do NOT need any more restaurants.. food shops, coffee shops or supermarkets.. Wanstead is losing its identity .. hand over fist..!!

  2. I heard Eat17 from Walthamstow considered it, however because of the rent etc… They are going to Leytonstone instead in the former show shop opposite Matalan.

    Superdrug will be great, the Boots we have is tiny and I have never understood why we need two dispensing Chemists so close together..

    Look at it this way, they are moving into two units! That is two less empty units on the High Street.
    I hardly feel gangs will hang outside of it, litter the streets (normal excuses to try and get something kicked out of Wanstead…). I will use it and it will save me travelling to Stratford to use them.

    I will end with what I always end with.. If you don’t want it then talk with your feet and don’t use it.
    I however feel it is welcome. More welcome than Judith and her ever changing signs that go unpunished on this site!

    The Wanstead you are all trying to manufacture does not and will not exist.. Times change and I feel like it is only a handful of you clinging on to the hope that it will become a little village with independent shops.

    The landlords are pricing them types of business out and the internet does not help. Even Wansteadium begs for you to use Amazon to help pay for this site for heavens sake.

    Bring more chains! If it is acceptable for M&S to move into Wanstead then it is perfectly acceptable for other chains to do so also.

  3. From personal experience I think the days of independent shops and brand new businesses on Wanstead High st are pretty much over sadly. The rents and overheads are so high that to have a high enough turnover to actually pay yourself any kind of salary is very difficult.

    Ashamed to admit it, but I love Superdrug!

    1. Um no. I never shop the pharmacy — bloody rip-off prices on ordinary toiletry goods I can get cheaper elsewhere. Like, oh, Superdrug.

    1. We don’t need Superdrug. We have the excellent Wanstead Pharmacy already and also Boots. Superdrug branches at Leytonstone or Stratford.
      Another restaurant (not a coffee shop) would have been welcome. I guess the rent has prohibited this. Shame. And another estate agent opens……

  4. Quite frankly the pharmacy is overpriced. I never buy from there, nor from Boots; poor selection, higher prices than just using Leytonstone Tesco or Leytonstone Superdrug — seriously, Leytonstone has MORE PRACTICAL shops, thus I rarely shop Wanstead High Street and only shop Leytonstone.

    I agree with the person who said what a bunch of snobs. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Superdrug and a lot of things right — their prices on the same goods are far more reasonable.

    We could also do with a Poundland and there’s nothing wrong with Poundland either. There’s nothing practical on this spoilt little high street anymore, with the hipster yuppies all expecting bijou little indie places to “shop” at. There used to be a Woolworths on this high street — or is that too common for today’s Wanstead? Pathetic elitism from the new Wansteadians who replaced the real people who used to live here and were down to earth.

  5. The landlords are the ones to blame. Not the chains people..


    I will be, I will be using Superdrug because as mentioned Wanstead Pharmacy want you to sell your organs to buy the same items for double the price. Boots selection is dire.

    I am one of those folk who only uses the Ginger Pig for the free Sausage roll slices. I rely on you lot with more money than sense spending real money to keep it open.

    As for a £1 shop. Bring it on!

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