29 thoughts on “That big thing? Looks like it’s Superdrug”

    1. Hope it doesn’t drive out Wanstead Pharmacy as they are very helpful and the Post Office is a Godsend especially as Woodford might be closing.
      Disappointing news.

  1. Yep; a very aggressive competitor for the existing players in this space, plus the supermarkets where they cross over.

  2. Feel very sorry for the family run Wanstead Pharmacy. I did think a few months ago that maybe M&S would go for the site of those two premises… it had to be a ‘major’ player going in to afford the rent etc which pushed Londis out. 😒

    1. It’s odd though… there used to be trading laws that the Council would not sanction another shop of the same Trade on the same Parade of shops… I guess they had to throw out that law when all the coffee shops opened! Lol

    2. So Sainsbury’s application for the Barclays site was ‘apparently’ turned down as it was too close to other outlets that sell alcohol, yet it’s fine for Superdrug to be next door to Wanstead Pharmacy?

  3. Yes, those were the days.

    Sensible pants from Dunhams then a quick walk down the street for a Zodiac and a new anchor. 🙂

  4. It is not a Pharmacy unless it dispenses prescriptions.

    If you want to fight that battle then you want to stop Tesco, Co-Op, newsagents from selling Paracetamol, Pririton and the likes.

    Embrace it people! The chains are coming and as they have the big buck they are here to stay!!

    Yay to occupied retail units!

  5. Better than empty units but doesn’t offer anything to the High Street that other shops along the road don’t already provide. But as someone has commented already — it’s the chains that have the money. As interesting as the boat shop may have been, doubt I’d have ever purchased from there!

    1. This is so sad.. I think we have all been let down by news of this new cosmetics shop. What Wanstead high street really needs is a food court on this site! Think of the delights of a Spudulike on our doorstep or a family of four being able to have pizza, burgers, kebab or fish and chips at the same formica table… Life is just not fair sometimes

  6. I do love Wanstead Pharmacy. All the range and quality of the big players with the personal local service and knowledge. I’m not sure what Superdrug will bring that isn’t already covered on the high street but I’m also not sure what else could thrive in the space.

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