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  1. Useless for anyone who wants a say because of displacement.

    Any chance of a competently drafted questionnaire?

  2. I’ve just received a letter from “WaSRA” with the logos of “The Counties Residents’ Association” “Carlton Terrace Residents’ Association” and ‘The Wanstead Society” I found the tone at best rather patronising at worst somewhat prescriptive. I consider myself intelligent enough to form my own opinion on parking issues in Wanstead.
    One sentence which interested me was relating to the exclusion of the Warren Estate in the revised plans. “The justification for removing the Warren Estate was the opposition by it’s residents” Really? I live on the Warren Estate and have not been canvassed for my views. So who has appointed themselves as the spokespeople for the residents of this area?
    Yet in the FAQs on the council’s website
    relating to the Warren Estate:
    “I heard some roads South of Redbridge Lane West were no longer planned to have parking restrictions and won’t be included in the scheme, is that the case?

    No, all the original areas are still being considered as part of the scheme. Whether these roads form part of the proposed scheme, or not, residents will still be able to give their views on parking like the rest. ”
    Not quite the same as “opposition by it’s residents”.
    WaSRA come clean in the last paragraph stating “From the above it is obvious that WaSRA are against these proposals” It appears to be setting itself up as a pseudo “official” organisation appearing to represent the views of residents.

    1. Whilst the WaSRA does say that it is against the proposed measures it does make a very good point that whatever people views they need to fill out the consultation forms and return them to the Council – if they do not the Council will take the view that local people will accept anything and will introduce measures not for the good or improvement of the lives of local people but to suit their desire to raise money.

      1. Depends whether you believe restricting cars in and around the high street isn’t for the good or improvement of the lives of local people. I believe it is. The fact that you think only the council will benefit from the scheme is part of the selfish car-centric society we have (and yes, I do own 2 cars). You simply cannot see beyond your selfish need to park where you like when there are better alternatives for the majority who arrive at our high street without a car. Our great high street has 2 tube stations, numerous bus-stops, cycle racks and pavements to walk on. Most people use these. Those that wish to use their car, the least friendly, most polluting and most dangerous transport, will now find it slightly more expensive and less convenient. This is exactly how it should be. Yes the council will make money from it. It could try asking people to drive less – they do – nobody listens. The only way is to discourage it. Making money to contribute to council funds is an excellent way of doing this. Who will suffer? The few who insist on driving, and a large number who simply dump their cars and tube it elsewhere. A high street with fewer cars will be much more pleasant and safer for the (again) MAJORITY. I cannot wait for this. A many others I speak to agree. The WaSRA does not speak for Wanstead as a whole, it speaks for those that agree with it’s car-centric agenda.

        My only hope is that we won’t get some watered down scheme and I have made my views strongly in favour of the original proposal.

  3. PS Newham’s newly introduced parking restrictions have displaced a lot of parked cars in Wanstead and particularly on the Warren Estate.

  4. On Redbridge’s website referring to the WA area (south of the station) it states :

    12.3 ” This is a residential area with the furthest road involving approximately 10 minute walk to Wanstead Underground Station. Therefore, the potential for displaced parking to occur in this area is high should roads elsewhere in Wanstead become protected.”

    This is incontrovertible. One only has to look at the map of the proposed zones to see that this is obvious. One doesn’t need to be a traffic and parking expert to work this out.

  5. I live on one of the roads very close to the station, south of Redbridge Lane West now excluded from the original proposed parking zones . In addition to commuters parking for free we also have three nurseries close by with parents dropping off their children by car, some of whom then leave their car all day and go to the station to work.
    One morning a large 4×4 parked outside my house clearly dropping a child at the nursery, leaving the car and going to the station. Out of curiosity I asked the driver where they lived. Answer: Dangan Rd!

    1. Then encourage as many neighbours as you can to complete the consultation stating the original proposals are wanted. The more that donit the more the council might realise the “waaay waaay I want to park where I want” brigade doesn’t represent residents as a whole.

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