13 thoughts on “Streeting boost”

    1. I don’t think there is anything to suggest that Wansteadium support Streeting. Just making people ware of his background and prospects.

    2. Not at all!
      Just sharing a publication?
      Anything that boosts the Labour Party is a plus in my books!
      Boris and the Tories have lost the plot on all fronts!
      He should have resigned long ago, no scruples or integrity!

    1. This was in the evening standard!
      No disrespect but…….
      We need to get the Tories out! Every article boosting this aim is a plus!

  1. He’s piously religious so that rules him out for me. He says his religion informs his politics.

    No thanks.

  2. Interpretation, a funny old thing. I just read this as Wansteadium telling us that a (very)local MP may soon be the new Labour leader. If that’s so then he is potentially going to be a PM – a long time since that happened around here. That’s all!

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