Crossing plan

The council’s plan to install a raised platform at the Zebra crossing on Wanstead High Street outside the Corner House has become a bit clearer.

The plans were published earlier this year, but now there are markings on the road which indicate that the road is going to be substantially narrowed at the crossing, with a ramp which will bring the road level up to pavement height. This will bring it into line with the modern style for crossings – and we imagine will make the crossing somewhat safer. Vehicles will be slowed by the raised platform, and pedestrians will be on the road for less time.

Earlier this year there was a collision at the crossing in which a pedestrian was injured. In 2016, 91-year-old Basant Lal Sharma was killed on the crossing.

Is Wanstead zebra crossing unsafe?

5 thoughts on “Crossing plan”

  1. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to cut the trees down , I know all about the environment, but an elderly man was killed there .whoever decided to put the crossing where a tree obscures drivers site has blood on there hands . What’s more important peoples safety or a tree .

    1. Raising is good, but, I agree with Paul, the nearby trees should come down too—at least the one on the corner. The trees hide waiting pedestrians from drivers until the last moment. If the crossing is moved, people will still cross out of habit at the convenient old crossing point, but without even having the (relative) safety of a zebra crossing.

  2. Great to see it’s being redesigned and looks like it should make a noticeable difference (bringing pedestrians clear of trees before they cross) – shame it has to take a fatal accident for things to improve though. Wish they’d also look at other dangerous junctions – for example, Rodney/Nightingale and The Avenue/Grove Park where cars have a tendency to “drift” round without checking for pedestrians – have seen several near-misses on both.

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