Support for Kirstin

A raffle to help raise money for treatment for Wanstead resident Kirstin is running until the end of the month, aiming to help her family reach their £200,000 goal.

Kirstin, 37, has fibromyalgia, PoTS, Vitiligo, ME and other chronic conditions, and needs treatment including spinal fusion and spinal cord surgery.

The family campaign, known as CHRONIC, aims not only to fund Kirstin’s treatment but also to help improve outcomes for others in a similar position.

Her family write:

Anyone who knows Kirstin will tell you she’s a funny, caring person. Before she got too sick to leave the house, we had a standard joke that she would be late because she’d made friends with three people on the way home. What you may or may not know is Kirstin has spent most of her life living with constant pain and illness. It started back in 1991, with Post Viral Syndrome and ME. She was only six years old. Little was known about post viral conditions or their long-term effects and Kirstin has lived with deteriorating health ever since.

The raffle runs until the end of July. Here are the prizes – entries can be made through the campaign’s GoFundMe page, where you can also read more about Kirstin’s story.