Wanstead children: Get writing

We’re not expecting this, by the way

Who has the best handwriting in Wanstead? This is the chance for Wanstead primary school children to show it’s them, as we launch the Wanstead Fringe Handwriting Competition.

“Handwriting is not an art of the past,” says Maura Wilson of the Wanstead Fringe. “And even though the days of elegant copperplate script are gone, we all have our own styles, each of which says something about us. “

Which is why the Fringe is inviting the primary school children of Wanstead to get their best pens and start writing, and show the rest of us what they can do. They stand the chance to be named as one of Wanstead’s best handwriters and to win prizes for their school, courtesy of our sponsors Petty Son & Prestwich.

The rules for the competition are simple. Any pupil up to year six can take part, whether as part of their class or individually. All they have to do is to write out the Lewis Carroll poem The Crocodile.

Submissions must be made by the end of July, and will be judged over the summer holidays. The winners will be announced during Wanstead Fringe fortnight, which this year is running from 10 to 25 September.

Full rules and the text of the poem are available at the Wanstead Fringe site here.

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