Wansteadium Blitz project, 3 Dec 1940; Nelson Road, Wellington Road

After 10 days in which Wanstead suffered no direct hits from German planes, on this night in 1940, high explosives were dropped on

  • Nelson Road, setting a gas main alight, at 2130
  • Woodford Road and Eagle Lane, damaging the road, at 2142
  • Elmcroft Avenue at 2155,  and
  • 72 Wellington Road, badly damaging the house, at 2215

Wansteadium Blitz project, 14 Oct 1940: Elmcroft Ave, Southview Drive

On this night in 1940 at 8.19pm, incendiaries dropped by German planes caused many small fires on Elmcroft Avenue and Southview Drive in Wanstead. Then at 10.58pm, high explosives injured three people in Woodlands Avenue. At 11.15pm, three houses were damaged, also by high explosives, on Aldersbrook Road between Blake Hall Road and Park Road.