Wansteadium Blitz project; Herongate Rd, Woodlands Ave, Southview Drive, Colvin Gdns

After a gap in Blitz bombing on Wanstead which had lasted from 15 February, this week in 1941, German planes dropped an incendiary on Herongate Road, causing a fire which was extinguished. They also dropped:

  • three high explosive bombs on Woodlands Avenue, causing fires and bursting water and gas mains (2114 on 19 March)
  • high explosives on Southview Drive, trapping and injuring one person (at 2155)
  • high explosives on numbers 2,4,6 and 8 Colvin Gardens, trapping people (at 2205)
  • a mine on Wanstead Park, which didn’t explode but led to the evacuation of Northumberland Avenue (at 2308)

A further bomb fell on Wanstead Park on 20 March, causing damage to property.

Wansteadium Blitz project, 3 Dec 1940; Nelson Road, Wellington Road

After 10 days in which Wanstead suffered no direct hits from German planes, on this night in 1940, high explosives were dropped on

  • Nelson Road, setting a gas main alight, at 2130
  • Woodford Road and Eagle Lane, damaging the road, at 2142
  • Elmcroft Avenue at 2155,  and
  • 72 Wellington Road, badly damaging the house, at 2215

Wansteadium Blitz Project, 23 Nov 1940, New Wanstead, High St

In one of the worst nights of bombing Wanstead faced during the Blitz, on this night in 1940, German planes dropped high explosives on

  • Number 73 and 89 New Wanstead, causing fire and the collapse of the side of a house
  • Spratt Hall Road, damaging water and gas mains and causing a fire
  • Wanstead High Street, injuring four people and breaking electric cables, and
  • Fitzgerald Road.

Wansteadium Blitz project, 29 October 1940; Hermon Hill, Snaresbrook Station

On this night in 1940, at 12.15am, four people were trapped in a house on Hermon Hill after high explosives were dropped by German planes. The gas main was also broken. A few minutes earlier, at 12.10am, high explosives burst a water main at Snaresbrook Station. Then at 12.21am, a house on Monmouth Drive was demolished by explosives, and at 12.23, the gas main at Southview Drive was broken by more bombs.