Wansteadium Blitz Project, 23 Nov 1940, New Wanstead, High St

In one of the worst nights of bombing Wanstead faced during the Blitz, on this night in 1940, German planes dropped high explosives on

  • Number 73 and 89 New Wanstead, causing fire and the collapse of the side of a house
  • Spratt Hall Road, damaging water and gas mains and causing a fire
  • Wanstead High Street, injuring four people and breaking electric cables, and
  • Fitzgerald Road.

Wanted: Wanstead steakhouse reports…

Wansteadium was over-eager in expecting the new Queen’s British Steak House and Grill on New Wanstead to open last week – but it WAS due to welcome its first customers on Thursday night. As previously reported, it’s a venture which comes with some high expectations. Wansteadium reader Pete Smith said: “Very much looking forward to it. Wanstead already has some fine restaurants so a quality steak house will fit right in.”
So any first hand experiences (menus, pricing, service, atmosphere) welcome.

Opening date for Wanstead’s new steakhouse

Queen’s British Steak House and Grill, the rather stylish-looking venture in the former British Queen pub on New Wanstead, will be opening on 18 September, Wansteadium can confirm.  It’s been reported that it’s the owners of the even-more stylish-looking Blue Boar in Abridge who are behind the plan; the website for the restaurant is not yet giving much away – and certainly not anything as detailed as menus and prices. More details to follow when available…