The steaks are high

Wansteadium reader Ego generously supplies the much-awaited report on the Queen’s British Steakhouse and Grill, writing:

Arriving a little under dressed and definitely punk completely failed to faze our head waiter. He seated us under a reproduction of the ‘God Save The Queen’ album cover, thus turning us into a feature of the very British theme.

The food can’t be recommended highly enough. Meat all sourced from the same farm in Yorkshire and brought to the table on a platter (with waiter’s patter) for your selection. Returning cooked just right, cutting like butter and certainly the best tasting I’ve had in recent memory. Buying British isn’t taken to silly extremes though, the wine list is international and covers all tastes.

The American Brat Pack background music didn’t work for me personally but that’s subjective and crooners are, at least, inoffensive. My own real disappointment was that the coffee did not meet the standard of the rest of the meal.

Slightly insipid coffee can be forgiven when the staff are as charming and the food such good value. The experience overall is well worth repeating.

Wanted: Wanstead steakhouse reports…

Wansteadium was over-eager in expecting the new Queen’s British Steak House and Grill on New Wanstead to open last week – but it WAS due to welcome its first customers on Thursday night. As previously reported, it’s a venture which comes with some high expectations. Wansteadium reader Pete Smith said: “Very much looking forward to it. Wanstead already has some fine restaurants so a quality steak house will fit right in.”
So any first hand experiences (menus, pricing, service, atmosphere) welcome.

Wanstead steakhouse update

Re Wanstead’s forthcoming Queen’s British Steakhouse and Grill, Mark Bentley adds:

Re new Queens Steak place, Wanstead. Did recce to Blue Boar Abridge last night. Can confirm is same owners. Will be welcome addition. vg.less than a minute ago via web

Opening date for Wanstead’s new steakhouse

Queen’s British Steak House and Grill, the rather stylish-looking venture in the former British Queen pub on New Wanstead, will be opening on 18 September, Wansteadium can confirm.  It’s been reported that it’s the owners of the even-more stylish-looking Blue Boar in Abridge who are behind the plan; the website for the restaurant is not yet giving much away – and certainly not anything as detailed as menus and prices. More details to follow when available…