Wansteadium Blitz project; Herongate Rd, Woodlands Ave, Southview Drive, Colvin Gdns

After a gap in Blitz bombing on Wanstead which had lasted from 15 February, this week in 1941, German planes dropped an incendiary on Herongate Road, causing a fire which was extinguished. They also dropped:

  • three high explosive bombs on Woodlands Avenue, causing fires and bursting water and gas mains (2114 on 19 March)
  • high explosives on Southview Drive, trapping and injuring one person (at 2155)
  • high explosives on numbers 2,4,6 and 8 Colvin Gardens, trapping people (at 2205)
  • a mine on Wanstead Park, which didn’t explode but led to the evacuation of Northumberland Avenue (at 2308)

A further bomb fell on Wanstead Park on 20 March, causing damage to property.