Central Line doors now go both ways at Stratford

File under “minor improvements to life”. The doors on westbound Central Line trains now open on both sides at Stratford, following the opening of the Harry Potter-ish Platform 3a. For people travelling with prams or buggies, or for those with restricted mobility, it should make changing lines at the station more straightforward. TFL says there is also a new lift for step-free access.

A statement from TFL says:

“When facing the direction of travel, you should exit via the right side of the train to change onto London Overground and National Rail services or via the left side of the train to change onto the Jubilee line, DLR or to leave the station. A lift for step-free access and new signage, to help you plan your route through the station, are also being introduced.”

The potential downside is for visitors, those lacking in confidence, or for the tired and emotional, any of whom might find themselves not quite where they want to be. But generally for those travelling from Snaresbrook or Wanstead this development should be a good thing.