Shed pounds with ease! (Park at Snaresbrook)

From Monday, 5 January, the price of parking at Snaresbrook and Wanstead station car parks is going up again, to £6 and £5 respectively, rising from £4.50 and £4.

It was in September 2010 that Wansteadium last reported on price hikes at these carparks, when they rose from £2.70. It means that in less than three years, Snaresbrook prices have risen by more than 100%.
Different prices will apply in both car parks at weekends and on Bank Holidays. But during the week – even in the evening – the flat rate approach used means the full whack even if parking for only an hour. This means technically one could park more cheaply for an hour near Harrods (£3.60) than in the carpark near the Ironing Board.

A spokesman for TfL which sets the rates told the Wanstead Guardian that it was bringing them in line with local competitors. “This is the first increase in charges in more than two years and our charges remain below the market rate,” he said.

However, the rate at Grove Park car park, run by Redbridge Council, is 80p for the first hour, rising to £5 for longer than three hours.

The future of on-street parking in Wanstead is still undecided, with a number of roads currently in the middle of a 12-month trial of residents’ only parking in a bid to deter commuters. The price rises may, however, simply make it more worthwhile for commuters to walk further to pick up the Central Line, potentially spreading the parking into other Wanstead roads.

New for Wansteadium: Live Tube info

From today, following a period of testing, Wansteadium is offering live Tube information for Snaresbrook and Wanstead stations. The list of trains, visible on the right, shows destinations and number of minutes from the station. It is drawn from feeds provided by TfL and so should in theory be as accurate as the departure boards on the platforms. Source information updates every minute, but you will need to refresh the page to get the updated times.

Wansteadium hopes the residents of Wanstead and Snaresbrook find this useful. Your comments are welcome, via the form below or directly at wansteadium[at]

(Thanks to TfL for being enlightened with its data, and to developer Akshay Raje.)

Central Line doors now go both ways at Stratford

File under “minor improvements to life”. The doors on westbound Central Line trains now open on both sides at Stratford, following the opening of the Harry Potter-ish Platform 3a. For people travelling with prams or buggies, or for those with restricted mobility, it should make changing lines at the station more straightforward. TFL says there is also a new lift for step-free access.

A statement from TFL says:

“When facing the direction of travel, you should exit via the right side of the train to change onto London Overground and National Rail services or via the left side of the train to change onto the Jubilee line, DLR or to leave the station. A lift for step-free access and new signage, to help you plan your route through the station, are also being introduced.”

The potential downside is for visitors, those lacking in confidence, or for the tired and emotional, any of whom might find themselves not quite where they want to be. But generally for those travelling from Snaresbrook or Wanstead this development should be a good thing.