Tank please

Wanstead Community Gardeners write:

“Many of you have admired the two old metal water tanks filled with flowers which are currently brightening up the corner of Mansfield Road. Wanstead Community Gardeners are planing a similar project outside Wanstead Underground Station and have been donated a water tank which is ready for planting. We need at least one more tank to place beside it and would love to hear from you if you have an old metal water tank to donate to this project. For which you will, of course, deserve our undying tanks. You can contact us on wanstead.community.gardeners@gmail.com.”

4 thoughts on “Tank please”

  1. Please be mindful of wheelchair users and visually impaired when putting old water tanks on the pathways.

  2. These are an eyesore. Every day I walk past these on my commute to work and get annoyed at the middle class fly tipping.

    Is Wanstead going to be flooded with these tanks now!! I am getting in touch with the council on this matter..

    1. I agree Trevor. They will soon become overgrown eyesores. If these had been left by a group of young hippies there would be uproar and demands for their removal. As you say, middle class dumping!

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