Wanstead’s Santander branch to close

Santander has written to its Wanstead customers to tell them that their branch is to close in November. It’s just the latest bank to pull out of Wanstead High Street and leaves only the Nationwide and NatWest standing. Santander staff, the letter says, will be redeployed to other branches (Leytonstone).


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  1. This is a such a shame. When my purse was stolen in Leytonstone, it was a staff member of Santander Wanstead who twigged someone was trying to use my card fraudulently over the counter and put a stop to it. I doubt a call centre could be so diligent. At least the staff are being redeployed.

  2. They didn’t write to all of their Wanstead customers – I have only heard about the closure by reading it on here!

  3. I received letter today. Does mention you can do some transactions at post office (yay – our post office is wonderful!).

    1. Or another Pizza shop with motor bikes parked on the pavement so that people can fall over them

    1. this is a real bummer. been banking there for 30 years plus and wife finally won battle of taking dogs into branch.

      don’t think it will be an estate agents…hasnt spicers a few doors along shut shop?!

  4. [Heavy sarcasm alert] Yay, another restaurant/cafe coming soon! [/heavy sarcasm alert]

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