The bottles… they’re art??

FullSizeRender (4)A neatly stacked henge of empty bottles of Martell cognac, spotted by Wansteadium reader @jenpot on Nelson Road, could – apparently –  have been a bit of public art.
A comment sent to Wansteadium by an anonymous user calling him or herself An Artist read:
I thought one of you lot might have put them in the recycle bin rather than just attract attention to yourselves. It is Art. I am getting it in early before the Art Trail, just a bit of live testing. Is anyone hurt? If so I will compensate them with a nice picture for you. As for a drinking problem? Not me, I got them all from your recycle bins! Now who has the problem.
If the Artist is telling the truth, it’s unlikely to impress JenPot who further tweeted last night that along with the bottles go broken glass and constant littering.

7 thoughts on “The bottles… they’re art??”

  1. The Air we breath is a danger. Dog Mess is a danger.

    I did not ask people to knock them over and cause breakages. If people got their heads out of their smartphones for a minute or two when walking then they would not ‘bump’ into and break them.

    If they were purchased from M&S Food or Waitrose then the attitude would be different.

    Rather than channel your negative energy towards me, get onto the companies that make the glass bottles and ask them to switch to plastic.

    In the mean time I am the new Banksy, just called me Bottlsy.

    See you on Nutter Lane Friday!

  2. It’s generally accepted that dog mess is collected. In fact if you don’t you are liable to be fined. However treading in dog mess ends up being smelly and annoying whereas broken glass is potentially dangerous.

    Particularly for children who aren’t staring at smartphones but are…children.

    Yes, switching to biodegradable plastic is a good idea, but in the meantime, we are reliant on the user not leaving potentially dangerous litter lying around.

  3. So, nice and early I was out going through the Nutter Lane recycle bins.

    Has anyone found my next masterpiece? I was careful to ensure that anyone with their head stuck in a Smart Phone won’t bump into them and break them.

    Enjoy! next destination will be announced in the next 48 hours.

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