The cream of Wanstead

Wanstead milkman Steve Hayden must have loved this profile of him and his round in this week’s Time Out. Wanstead, the piece says, is one of the areas which has halted the decline in doorstep milk delivery – thanks to the work of Steve and the other milkmen in Wanstead and Parker Dairies.

Couple of funny lines in the piece – including the description of one Wanstead road as being “so middle-class its litter consists of a sole packet of Cauldron falafel”.  Read the whole thing here.

Steve and fellow milkman Dave (pictured) take on the grim task of being out at work at 3am come rain or shine. But all the bottles are recycled, and the vehicles are electric – how modern! You can sign up at this page.


4 thoughts on “The cream of Wanstead”

  1. Steve is an absolute legend. Not only does he bring us milk but I’m also guaranteed a good chat about football, cricket or any other major sports event. It’s just a shame he’s a Spurs fan!

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