The generation game

Guerrilla gardener Marian Temple writes:

“At Wanstead Station, we cut down, potted up and brought inside, geraniums for overwintering on the station window ledge. They’ll be happily frost free and will be planted out next April to give Wansteadians another blast of vermillion all summer. These are wonderful old-fashioned plants and were originally bought about 20 years ago from a little nursery which we enjoyed for a couple of years on the site of the block of flats next to the old Chocolate shop cottage, now a travel agents’. I was given my first one a few years ago by an elderly Wanstead resident. So… impecable Wanstead credentials. They get taken in every winter and last about four years. Cuttings taken and the descendants now blooming in our street patches. They make a lot of growth every year – about 3 foot 6 inches height and round. When we cut them down to bring them in, we didn’t want to waste them. So, they were put in a bucket outside the Wanstead station entrance with a notice “Please Take” and info about what to do with them. You can keep them in water all winter. The leaves are attractive and have that lovely geranium smell. They throw out the odd vermillion flower, very welcome in the depths of winter. By Spring, they will probably be sending out roots and can be potted up and planted in the garden. This way, geraniums will be taking over the world. (Better than some take overs I could think of.) HANDY TIP. To stop the water going manky, take off all leaves and bits that will be below water level and put a few drops of bleach or disinfectant in the water.”

2 thoughts on “The generation game”

  1. I never knew you could over winter geraniums just in water and away from frost. I will be pulling up mine from their pots and popping water. Last year they managed to survive the winter and flowered all summer.

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