What? ANOTHER trendy bar?

IMG_5777It’s all a matter of taste, of course, but for fans of trendy East London pubs the renovation going on at the former Bar Room Bar seems like it could be very good news.

The new establishment – believed to be just over a week away from opening – is to be called Luppolo and describes itself as “a buzzing neighbourhood pizzeria with an obsession for amazing craft beer”. It’s being run by Declan Perkins who is the fellow behind the Lauriston in Victoria Park and the Hanbury Arms and the Regent, both in Islington.

Among the beers on offer will be Luppolo Pale Ale, made especially for the bar by the Hackney Brewery, along with other craft beers. It will also serve the Wanstead-based Hawkes ginger beer. It gives the impression too of wanting to make the most of its opportunity to sell good fresh pizzas.

The name Luppolo is, we’re told, Italian for hops – a crop Wansteadium has never particularly associated with Italy. This article backs that up – saying hops are not common in Italy and that beermakers there rely on the grain or even grapes. Never mind – the combination of beer and pizza will no doubt be popular if done well and affordably.

It’s amazing to note that this time last year, the Duke and Manor House were still unrefurbished and the Wanstead Tap a mere railway arch. It’s like London buses. (Or autobus di Londra, as Google Translate says they say in Italy.)

18 thoughts on “What? ANOTHER trendy bar?”

  1. Excellent news. I always wanted a decent pizza restaurant on the High St but never fancied sitting in a place that showed sports on giant TVs whichever way you looked.

  2. Hopefully it will continue to show sport on big screens. If it doesn’t then it’s misjudged the spending power in Wanstead as being limited to the likes of Mark.

    1. Yeah because it’s lunch time trade was booming before..

      A replica will do as well as the previous incarnation – empty during the day, busy at night, then close down.

      Making it more of a restaurant than a bar will give it a better chance of success. Putting screens up will will limit it’s potential clients to the 1 or 2 that frequented BRB during the day and ultimately its demise.

  3. Why so sneery?

    Oranges don’t grow in this country but we have a word for them.

    Great news about the refurb, I’ll definitely be dropping by once it’s open. I just hope they keep the screens up for the football.

    1. @640Trev I doubt that you’ll be there as it’s so close to the flight corridor along the A12. I imagine that you’ll be sitting at home in a muffled room with your noise cancelling headphones.

  4. My friends are opening this bar – they have lots of experience and already run 3 great pubs in Islington and Hackney. I hope it’s going to be a big success as they are a great family and know what they are doing. Spread to word!

  5. really excited about this having tweeted them to ask if they would have gluten free pizza. The answer was a big yes and gf beer too! Excellent news for this gluten intolerant, pizza loving Wanstead pup!!

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