The Ginger Pig confirmation we’ve been waiting for

  The Ginger Pig has confirmed to Wanstead residents who had encouraged it to open a branch that it will in fact be opening seven days a week, hopefully in August.

In an email on Monday morning the company said:

I’m very happy to let you be the first to know that we listened to your suggestion to open a Ginger Pig in Wanstead, and today can finally say that we are officially taking over No. 3 Clock House Parade! 
We plan on re-fitting the shop before opening later in the year, so unfortunately you have to wait a little longer, but hopefully just until August. The shop will trade seven days a week, with opening times to follow shortly on our website. We’ll try and keep everyone as updated as possible via our social media channels, so do keep an eye on those. If you’d like to be signed up to receive our e-newsletters, then please email me back and I’ll add you to the list.

As you’d expect in any of our shops, we will be selling quality fresh meat from native breed animals reared naturally, slowly and from farms employing the highest welfare practices. There will be a good selection on offer from the everyday things such as free range chicken, bacon and pork chops, to roasting joints for the weekend, and meat for special occasions such as dry aged fore ribs of beef and spectacular geese and turkeys at Christmas.

We’ll also have a deli counter serving cold meats sliced to order, homemade patés and readymade dishes such as lasagne, cottage pie and potato gratin. And of course we’ll have our famous sausage rolls and pies.
I can’t wait to meet you very soon, my colleagues and I will be checking on the shop progress throughout the coming months, so if you are passing by the shop pop your head in and say hello!

61 thoughts on “The Ginger Pig confirmation we’ve been waiting for”

    1. why on earth would you want to change the fruit and veg shop..? there is NOTHING wrong with it.. great produce and great staff… !!!

  1. Great news about the Ginger Pig and I see no reason why the fruit and veg shop should change. Their produce is good value and not everyone in Wanstead wants things to change with everywhere they have been shopping at for many years.

    1. All I’m asking for is change for the better, otherwise it will go the say way as the old butchers. I’ve lived in Wanstead for close to 20 years and seen lots of change (most of it for the better), especially in the types of people who live here. Not so many pensioners but lots of young families with money who are more adventurous in what they want that is catered for by the fruit and veg shop. I’ve never found that it’s particularly value you money, and don’t like being told off for wanting to choose the veg myself.

    2. I’ve lived in wanstead for close to 20 years and I love pensioners. the fruit and veg shop is fantastic. the quality is excellent. I like the 50’s style and I hope it’ll never change.

    3. i think the last time nick came in was 20 odd yrs ago when it was not self service. its been self service for over 15 yrs even if it was to have a face lift he would still not come in like our lovely regular customers. 😂

  2. Good news a butcher will be back on the high street again, but I regret the passing of A. G. Dennis – long-established, traditional and as good a butcher as The Ginger Pig, just without the trendy name.

    1. Maybe not, but they knew their stuff and I think heritage and tradition stand for a lot. I have nothing against the Ginger Pig (apart from the prices) but I simply think we had a perfectly good butchers before.

  3. Brilliant news. If A G Dennis had upped their game, could have been them. I only ever went in there once or twice in over 10 years but I’ll in the GP at least once or twice a month I expect

    1. It has some way to go! Facebook distinguishes between ‘likes’ and ‘likes on shares’ .In March 2016, some historic photos of Wanstead were liked 300+ times. In Feb 2016, a post about Tom Hardy in attracted more than 600 likes including ‘likes on shares’.

  4. It’s a shame really as Dennis’s has been there since when I was a child and when my mum was a child. Still at least Wanstead will still have a butchers.

  5. Great! Another chain (but a middle-class-approved one, so that’s OK).

    I can’t wait for the Café Nero or Café Rouge to arrive!

    Maybe we’ll even get an M&S food too!!!! Hurray!!!!!

    @Nick Watt: hang your head in shame.

  6. Much looking forward to GP arriving.

    Interesting to see how their deli traiteur does.

    Greengrocers is just fine as it is.

  7. I’m all for independant traders and businesses with a legacy, but AG Dennis won’t be missed by the new generation of Wansteaders, as they were completely unhelpful and very unfriendly.
    Ginger Pig are ace. The sausage rolls alone, make them worth a visit Can’t wait!

  8. the caption “Native Breed animals reared Naturally “” is the USP to remember …therefore in that scenario everyone is a winner from producers to consumers
    Well done Mr GP and at least not another Coffee shop chain on the Parade !!

    Michele : A French Butcher’s Daughter

  9. This is fantastic news Wanstead. A business like The Ginger Pig and others that make Wanstead a destination benefits the whole community and supports other business! Welcome to Wanstead GP! 🐖

  10. Finally high welfare meat available soon in our high street. Cottage pie on my list too. Can’t wait to see the full deli range.
    The greengrocer stock could be fresher, but it’s better than no greengrocer.

  11. this is good news.. SO sorry that Dennis’s had to shut, been using it for years.. however, it will be good to have a new butcher on the high street.

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