Thanks, supporters

Thanks to our kind supporters this month, who have helped cover Wansteadium’s running costs by buying stuff through Amazon using the boxes on this page.  The things they have bought include a spool of blue thread, some Miracle-Gro concentrated enriched compost, some DVDs (the Wizard of Oz and Time Bandits), some books (Anya Lipska’s books Death Can’t Take a Joke and Where the Devil Can’t Go) and some Coolers Men’s Garden Beach Yard Pool Mule EVA Clog Shoes. 

PS. Turns out A Spool of Blue Thread is a novel, not a spool of thread. Actual thread is probably better bought at Heads N Tails. 

2 thoughts on “Thanks, supporters”

  1. I don’t think you should have access to information about people’s purchases. It makes me wonder what other information you can access. Doesn’t sound secure to me.

    1. It’s quite secure, promise. Amazon does not reveal any details about any customers at all – but it does provide a list of what has been bought so that it can be clear about what commission has been paid. To be clear though, the commission on all the above items is less than £5.

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