Wanstead Tube car fire: Video and photos

The drama at Wanstead Tube on Thursday evening, captured by passers-by.

5 thoughts on “Wanstead Tube car fire: Video and photos”

  1. Two highways inspectors assessing the ‘damage’ to the bus stop surface this morning. It was not even on the bus stop surface..

    I am not a professional but I would say there is nothing wrong with the road.. However I envisage roads being dug up, traffic disruption etc.. all to follow. All because people cannot maintain their cars and ensure that the coolant is topped up.

    Lesson learned, move on.

  2. Was it a Vauxhall Saffira? Can’t quite make it out from the vids. If so, they are somewhat known for spontaneous combustion. Surprisingly, all roads for a 2 mile radius have not be closed for several days as a precaution.

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